method man member of the wutan clan hip-hop group
method man

Veteran Method man tells why he is missing Wutan clan Tour

Method Man Explains why he’s not participating in the Wu-Tang Clan tour “I have options

transcriptions below:

sacrificed so much Over the years to please my fans, and I’m pretty sure ey by support.

And that’s why I love y’all. That’s why don’t hesitate to go about er.

But to be dissatisfied, huh? What do you even

Blaming me for your experience is unfair.

Very Yeah, My brother’s super duper talented, with or without me.

And I know a lot of people. People have paid their money to see me perform, but that builds it takes

And, these things happen, and dudes do have to feed their families. And, uh, albums don’t sell the way they used to.

I’m pretty sure you guys you nothing.

So in order to preserve

My lifestyle and to feed my family had to have alternative means of and I’m glad to see it. 51 years old.

51 years old have options. Not everybody can say that. Everyone did not say that they have options. Lovell Tank. I wish I could have been on that tour with them. The bookie came out of bedtime already booked.

To do a movie.

The only reason why I’m coming back, saying this is because of my love for my faith. Okay, the real fans, not the ones that are jumping your d m and cursing. Yeah, I’m calling you kind of, didn’t they wouldn’t say to my face because, as I said, I’m a very nice guy.

What? I’m not a pushover.

And I would hit you don’t want to my fans, male or female. It goes both ways. Please believe and I will not let anyone disrespect me. I’m a father, a grandfather, a husband of problems.

I have family and I have feelings on top of that. You know, we all refused to make anybody. I don’t care if you got one following her to me if you want. If you can bring smoking, you can take a smoke, period. Dish it out. You can take it and I just heard from one of them. This girl’s, um

Somebody that’s associated with this girl and they say she’s an eight boulder everybody so she deserved it.

You know, I mean, you put smoke in the air, You’re gonna get fired pretty much. Um, I love y’all man. I’m not getting back in this thing and I’m pretty sure somebody took to post it because that, um, with that being said, enjoy themselves, man, because we’re and Buster working and not say about a question that ain’t already been said.

Boston, huh? I paid to see a Busta Rhymes show. That’s how good that is. So, yo, I’m out here in Bogota, Colombia, during my little movie thing, Um the real fans know what’s up, and they’re gonna let me regardless to the rest of y’all.

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